We invited Bando Belly's Naz Ramadan to takeover the playlist and the kitchen for one night only in our Neighbourhood food hall.

First through the doors for our local foodie pop-up event Beats and Eats was South London's brightest star Naz AKA Bando Belly. She cooked up a larger-than-life menu of Buff Ting Chicken Burgers; Lobster 'Macoyaki and a Get Baked collab of hot fried custard cream biscuits. (DROOL!🤤)

It's carnival season here in London so pour yourself a glass of rum punch and get into the groove as Naz & Jimmy chef talk, dirty talk and quicken Londons food pulse for one hot night only.

Third times a charm with Bando Belly being Naz's triumphant eatery after hustling multiple hunger saviours, Bando focuses on food from the ends for the ends. "London is the only place in the world where a white man, Indian man and Jewish man all know the appropriate response to wagwan and that's what I put on a plate."

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